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Glitches and Cheats
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Glitches and Cheats
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Cheats will ruin a good game more than anything else. A game with excessive glitches will hurt the players who are looking for a realistic simulation more. You have to know the glitches in a game to be able to counter them, but if a game has cheats available for it, and they are allowed to run rampant, time to find a new game.

Cheats can range from programs that allow a player to see every opponent, to programs that give incredible firepower and unlimited life. It's no fun to play against someone who can't die and has vastly superior firepower.

With cheats, the company that built the game should actively enforce a no-cheating policy. If they let cheats run freely, then the game is already ruined, and is essentially a waste of time. Do an online search for any cheat programs before you buy a game, and see how many are available. See if there are forums that discuss cheating in the game, and what happens to cheaters.

Glitches are an unavoidable part of any software code. Every game will have some variety of glitches, the thing to look for is how many there are, and how bad they are. If someone can dissapear into a wall, and shoot out, without the chance of being shot, then the game is very flawed. If the glitches allow people to get into areas where they can't usually travel to, then you can identify the possible glitch spots and look for players who are glitching. Again, do a search for any sites that exploit glitches, and see how many are available.

This is the biggest reason to try an online demo before buying a game, it allows you to see how many glitches are present, and to see if the script kiddies are already working on hacks for the demo.

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