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An important aspect of any game is what level of teamwork and cooperation is required.

Is it a game where one person can achieve a game win, or will it require a group of people more often than not? If you approach a team game on an individual level, you can win, but it will be less often and with more frustration. If you can play as a team on an individual game, you increase your chances, but only in marginal amounts.

The thing to look at is if one individual can cover enough different player missions to achieve a win on a consistent basis. If you can carry a machine gun as a primary weapon, an RPG, a sub-machine gun, pistol, claymores and satchel charges, then you are pretty much a one man wrecking crew. You can fire RPGs at snipers, engage in CQB with a sub-machine gun, provide cover fire for yourself and others with a machine gun, and destroy buildings and targets with satchel charges. Why work with other people if you can do it all?

Not every game will give you as many options, and will limit you to a fewer player mission roles. In these games, you will need teamwork in order to increase the success rates. If the game demands teamwork, you are more likely to face a well organized opponent, so even if itís improvised teamwork, you will have to have some structure and cooperation to succeed. If youíre in a 16-16 server, and all 16 players on your team are snipers, that isnít a great showing of cooperation and teamwork.

Learning to play a FPS game in an online format can be frustrating, because some players have an edge due to the time they have been playing. Dieing repeatedly is not a fun and relaxing way to spend your time. By reading these tips, and applying them during games, you can go from the hunted to the hunter.

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