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A sniper is as much of a tactical weapon as he is a psychological weapon. A good sniper will distract the opponent, and cause him to lose focus and commitment.

Sniping is best done at 500 yards behind their lines, not 500 yards behind your lines. At 500 yards behind their lines, you have a field of potential targets extending 1000 yards from your position in all directions. 500 yards behind your lines, and the first target is more than 500 yards away in one direction.

Remember, a sniper's first and main goal is to acquire and nuetralize other snipers, then take out targets of opportunity.

Sniping in a FPS is a challenge. You must move from the initial spawn point to a position behind their lines. You usually move alone, hoping not to get ambushed by a counter sniper. Once you set up and start scoring, people will come after you. A sniper doesn't get to sit back and shoot, he has to worry about who's looking for him at all times. A good aproach is to fire, pull back, scan the immediate area, then move up for the next shot. After firing a few shots from one area, it's time to move. An effective strategy is to move and fire, to keep them guessing where you are at.

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