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Teamwork can be essential for a sniper. If a sniper has another person to cover them on their route, they can have an assault rifle firing supression, while they take aim with a bolt action. It makes the chances of getting out to a spot much greater. Once on the spot, the two can work together to get more scores.

This is also a great tactic to collect intel on a sniper, you learn his routes out, and can then find him easier when you're on opposite teams.

There are several types of sniper teams, a sniper/gunner team, a sniper/infantry, a sniper/spotter team or a sniper/sniper team. All of these will work well for the team, providing both with more firepower and scoring opportunities.

A personal story: I was playing DF2 from NovaLogic, and told a sniper that we would team up, I had a SAW, he had an M24 rifle. On the route to his spot, I scored a few hits, and got him safely to his spot. Once there, he moved up into a valley spot, and I covered a spot at the end of valley, on the other side of the rise. It would be no good if the incoming fire at me missed, and hit the sniper. He managed to shoot all of his ammo, so I covered him back to an armory, reloaded, and went back to our spot. We did this twice. I got hit a few times, he never got hit. He finished with a 50-0, I had a 60-6. We effectively shut down one side of the map completely, and most people never knew there was a sniper near me.

Sniper/Gunner Sniper/Infantry team: Gunner and Infantry are interchangeable. During movements, the gunner takes point, provides cover and draws fire. The sniper stays hidden, waits for the gunner to reach a forward spot, then the sniper moves to that area. The sniper never moves without the gunner securing the area. Once the team gets close to the sniper's spot, the gunner does a sweep of the area, then the sniper sets up. The gunner goes to a nearby area to draw fire and protect from counter snipers. The rule is that during movement, the gunner is in charge, once on station, the sniper is in charge.

Sniper/Spotter: A sniper spotter team work together more closely than a sniper/gunner team. The spotter takes point and covers the sniper, but once on spot the two will be fairly close together. The sniper has a bolt action, while the spotter can have an assault rifle with low power scope, or a semi-auto rifle. The sniper is the main shooter of the group, the spotter points out targets, calls for corrections on misses, and checks flanks for counter snipers. Occasionally the spotter will get up and run a sweep of the immediate area to check for opponents encroaching on the operational area.

Sniper/Sniper: Two snipers working together can cover a much wider area, and be better prepared for a counter sniper coming towards them. During movement one sniper should be designated as point, the other follows. Once on location, they set up a decent distance apart, and alternate shooting. This way an opponent may think there is only one sniper, instead of two.

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