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There are two ways to become a great sniper in a FPS. First is by the school of hard knocks, getting shot and going back at it. The second way is develop a basic set of skills by either playing single player against the computer, or by practicing with a group of friends in a private server.

Both methods will work, but hard knocks are never easy or fun. Learn your basics and then sniping is more rewarding.

Drill 1 If you have 3-5 people who want to practice together, here is a great drill. A single sniper goes out about 500 yards from the rest of the group, and takes a spot where their spawn is easily sighted in. From there, the group moves around, staying somewhat in view, and ducking out of view. The group "fires for proximity", meaning they shoot close, without trying to score a hit. This gets the sniper used to incoming fire. After 10-15 minutes of this, the sniper will be able to go to that spot in a game, and quickly acquire, shoot and score, because the spot is now second nature. The group will learn what a sniper bullet, coming from a specific spot, will sound like. Switch off, and give each person a chance as sniper. In 45 minutes to 1 hour of practice, there will be 5 better snipers in the game.

Drill 2 Go into a private server with only 2 people, both snipers. The goal here is simple, take out the other sniper. When you are in a 15-15 game, and become involved in a sniper engagement, there is only 1 opponent that matters. By practicing a sniper engagement 1 on 1, you will do better in a game or match situation.

Drill 3 Using the computer single player games, use a sniper rifle. The goal is to find a game with the most available Artificial Intelligence (AI) players, and take them out using a variety of methods, head shots, shot shaping, pistol and knife. Try to use maps that are similiar to the multiplayer levels, that way as you use spots in single player, you can apply them to multiplayer.

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