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A sniper's greatest threat is the dedicated counter sniper. This is the person who just loves running around in the middle of nowhere, waiting to hear that single shot go off. Once he hears that, the sniper's chances of survival go down dramatically. The good counter snipers will do anything to get the snipers.

As a sniper, these are the guys you have to worry about.

The first clue that there is a counter sniper operating in the area is if the snipers around you start getting picked off. The harder clue to spot is if you don't see the name of a known counter sniper getting a score or being scored on. If you don't see a certain name for a while, then that person is heading your way. This is a big reason the good counter snipers will not knife the snipers, it tells the other snipers their exact position.

A good method to draw a counter sniper into your area is to fire a few quick shots, like you are engaging, then switch to pistol and move to a spot 20 yards away where you have good cover and a view of your old spot. When the counter sniper gets to your old spot, you have a bead on him. Another thing to do is to pull back after every few shots, and scan the immediate area, first without a scope, and then with a scope or binoculars. This will at least let you know if someone is approaching. Make sure to move often, and more often if a counter sniper is operating near you. Each time you move to a new spot, keep an eye on your old spot, to see if the counter sniper is checking it.

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