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Here's a good sniping route that an experienced sniper will use. The blue dot is the opponents spawn point. The red dot is the starting point, and the next black dots signify points to stop, drop and and scan. Each black dot does not signify a single sniping spot, but a group of spots. By shooting once, moving 10-20 yards, shooting again, you can use each black dot to get off 3-6 shots. Once you use an area that much, time to move on.

By utilizing a long sniper route, and by applying other techniques, such as Shot Shaping (a very useful skill, make sure to read about it), selective targeting, and extended periods of hiding (30 seconds to 1 minute), you can begin to survive an entire 30 minute game without getting hit.

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As you move along your route, listen for shots, especially from other snipers. Whenever you stop at an area, switch to scope or binoculars (scope seems to work better for most) and quickly scan any potential areas where a sniper might be. Once you have done a quick scan, do a slower, more deliberate search, looking at known sniper points. Once you are assured there is not a sniper threat, start scanning for a target. At each new spot you should get into the habit of scanning and checking. This will allow you to see more opponents, and minimize the threats from counter snipers.

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