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Matches are the culmination of the efforts of a team. Being able to go head to head with another team and being confident of a win is the goal.

Teamwork is essential to winning matches.

The best team isn't always the one that wins, the team that works together best is the one that usually wins.

Make sure that everyone on the team knows the plans and backup plans for the match. It's a good idea to post it in a forum, so people can read and reread it, and add any ideas. The team leader needs to filter out ideas that won't work, and give a reason that they will not work, and include any ideas that will help the strategies.

Matches are when you need to get everything fine tuned, and working seamlessly. Communications need to be concise, the training thorough, the intel on the other team completed, and the plan refined. Once all of these elements are in place, the team can work together and achieve the win.

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