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Drills help to build a better sense of teamwork and participatipation.

There needs to be a regular schedule of drills and teamwork building to improve the team's capabilities. The drills can be done in a private server, in a vs ALL server, or in an open public server.

Drills make the game second nature, and lets the team know what your reactions will be. This way when something happens, the team can tell what happened, by how you react.

A team that goes into a server and practices frequently will gain an edge because you see how the team reacts. Short Morph Maps allow a team to quickly learn to play at a frenzied pace, for an extended time. If you spend 30 minutes a week playing on short morph maps, the team will know instinctively what each other will do. That is the ultimate goal of running drills, to make every action is second nature, not a reaction.

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