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A well defined Chain of Command is an essential part of a good team. A leader, second in charge and third man are essential. After that you may need a match coordinator, website designer, and then the ranks. While some teams use standard military ranks for every member of the team, that can become time consuming, and create problems.

If the website developer has to constantly change ranks from E-1 through E-9, and then from O-1 to O-10, there is a constant updating of the site. Along with this, some people will be upset that someone who joined the squad later has moved up in rank quicker. A good way to avoid problems is with Enlisted, Officers, and Senior Officers. On a team with 25 people, you could have 1-Commanding Officer, 1-Executive Officer, 3-Senior Officers, 6-Officers, and 14-Enlisted. People who have been on the team know it takes a while to become an officer, and are not upest about being enlisted. Of the Senior Officers, one would be designated to be the third man in charge, to keep continuity if the CO and XO are away for a while. If they are away for an extended time, then a new second and third in charge would be designated, and a few people promoted.

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