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Recruiting new players is essential to keeping a team viable. Players will constantly come and go over time, so keeping the ranks at an optimal level requires recruiting.

Some teams use cattle calls, others use free entry, some have recruit tags, some do tryouts and some have observation periods.

Cattle call recruiting is about the worst method to recruit. "Who wants to join my team?" will rarely make a quality team. Free entry allows anyone to put on your team tags, as long as they add an "r" to it. It shows they are somewhat interested, but it can add to too much growth without quality control. Recruit tags make someone go through some process, and fill out a web form, and then give them permission to add a tag with an "r" on it. It is acceptable, but it puts recruits in an awkward position, where they are not really on the team, but are a fringe player to it. If the recruit doesn't work out, and they are told to remove the tags and "r", it can cause problems. Tryouts can be good, but can have the problem of letting a person with a bad attitude on their good gaming day on the team. Even if it's a player that always has good games but has a bad attitude, it can be a distraction to the rest of the team. Observation periods are about the best way to add people to a team. It is slower to add people when you observe them, but the team grows in a positive direction. All players have good days and bad, so you can see how a player does over the course of time, not just for one game. You can see if the player keeps a good attitude, whether it was a good game for them or not. Once you add a player after observation, then they can become a full team member, not a recruit.

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