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Good etiquette from a team will increase the amount of respect you get when you go into a server. A team that constantly stacks a server is using poor etiquette.

Rules help to keep the team uniform. A military community is based on people wearing a uniform for similiar appearance, and acting in a similiar way to have a standard behaviour. If half the team cusses and swears at other players, and the other half don't, the people that don't swear will still be treated like the ones that do. You all wear a similiar tag, people will tend to look at you as a team, not an individual player.

Stacking, always getting your team on the red or blue side, is a bad thing to do, it creates an uneven server and makes it hard on a group of random people to face a coordinated team. Stacking is OK to do on an occasional basis, before a match or to practice strategies, but allowing a random assignment of team members to red or blue shows better sportsmanship, and allows the team members to practice hunting each other, rather than shooting the newer players. The worst part is when a team that has a server stacked leaves en masse, leaving a very lopsided server of 15-5.

Good etiquette is the small things. Saying nice shot to an opposing player, helping the new guy with good advice, and not telling him to do something that will auto punt him from the game, and helping players enjoy the game more. Setting lines on certain maps, where the team will not cross them, to give the opponents a fair chance to move out of the spawn shows good etiquette and sportsmanship. The other players in the game will respect a team more when they show more sportsmanship.

Rules are designed to keep a team cohesive and functioning properly. A lack of rules leads to a breakdown in leadership and chain of command, and eventually leads to anarchy within the team. With no rules, nobody is in charge. The rules need to be sensible, and this is where the Balance of Power comes in. I have seen some team leaders will say that a player needs to recruit someone before they leave the game, no matter what. That is not a reasonable request. Rules telling people that they must report for playing or practice at a specific time, or face expulsion from team are also not reasonable. (If the team is formed with an understadning that pactices are always mandatory, then it's acceptable, if the team is already formed, and then makes things mandatory, it creates problems.) People will have commitments outside the game, don't make the game become a greater commitment than life. Rules telling people not to swear or to act in a similiar manner are commmon, along with rules about cheating and glitching. Rules saying to choose a certain player or uniform can increase the cohesive look of a team. If everyone chooses the same face and uniform, it can create an intimidating appearance. The team should also have a general rule for the placement of the tags. Everyone should have the same tag design and placement, either ABC-My Name, or My Name-ABC, if people do whatever they want, it shows a lack of cohesiveness. Don't make so many rules that the game loses it's fun, but make enough rules that the team will have a uniform appearance and outlook in the game. This guy coming into the game is from that team, so we expect him to act in this way, and we will treat him like this becomes the goal for a team.

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