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Death Match is pure chaos, every man for himself. While it is a hard game to devise a coherent strategy, it is the best game to learn how to score repeatedly.

Players that specialize in DM are usually able to make a lot more scores in other games, because they spend all of their time in DM engaging opponents.

The first thing to look at in a DM map is where you are. From there, decide if it is better to find a hiding spot, and ambush, or if you need to stand your ground and shoot it out. If you can get to an ambush spot, your odds go up dramatically. It is easy to wait for two people to get into a firefight near you, and pop up and take out one or both of them. They are too busy worrying about the mess they are in to see where you are. If you follow this setup, and only engage people that are in a fight, you can go for a long time without being spotted. Ambush Spots are the most effective way to stay alive in a DM game.

If you are stuck in a spot where you are in the open, and can't set an ambush, the main goal is to take out a few people, then make your way to an ambush spot. As long as you are in an open area, snipers and anyone already set up will be looking at you.

Play DM games as a way to increase your reaction times and skills, and it pays off. DM will not make you a better team player, but will make you a better player.

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