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Capture the Flag can be done as a team game, or individually. If you have a few people with you, teaming up allows you to move around with greater firepower, and an immediate backup in case the flag carrier goes down. Just like you can see a big snake for a longer time as it moves, a group of people create a longer trail. A single player who knows how to move without being spotted, and can learn to engage as little as possible can also be very effective. It's a choice of brute firepower or stealth, both work, if you use them right.

Getting the flags is only half of the game though, you also need to keep an opponent from getting your flags. Even if you are getting lots of flags, if the opponent gets 1 more, they win. Make sure to have a few campers to guard the critical flags.

At the start of a CTF map, you still want to have an even mix of Player Missions. With an 8 man map, 1-2 snipers, 2-3 CQB, 2 gunners, 1 QRF and 1 camper would be a good starting setup. The snipers watch over the field, relay information and take critical shots. It is usually more important for the snipers to relay information than get scores. If a flag carrier is in immediate danger, the sniper fires, if the sniper can relay information for a longer time, they do more good. The 3 man flag team goes out to capture 1 flag at a time. It may take longer to get flags, but 3 people going for 1 flag has better odds than going for 3 flags. The QRF goes after the opponents whenever they get a flag, and the camper guards the 1-2 flags that are easiest to protect. If it comes down to just the camper's flags, then the QRF switches and helps with camping.

The key to CTF is the flags, running around shooting does not win the game. You need to have the gunners out providing cover fire and supression, but don't get everyone involved in a firefight. The gunners make lots of noise, draw lots of attention, while the 3 man team quietly goes for flags, and the QRF ambushes the flag carriers. The camper can use satchell charges to guard the critical flags. If an opponent gets close, detonate. It is best to have a large blast radius around critical areas.

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