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There are enough different game types that you should be able to play one game title for a year or so, wihtout getting bored.

This goes back to Game Evaluation, pick a good game with enough different game types, and your money will be well spent. Pick a game with only one or two different game types, and it will lose appeal after a few months.

You have to approach each game type in a slightly different way. Even though some people may call Attack and Defend a Team Death Match game with targets, mastering the tactics of each game differs. Even A/D has two very seperate and distinct strategies, attacking and defending. A/D is one of the few games that require a different strategy for each side of the map.

Watch how the games flow, and what Player Missions do best ine ach game type. Soon you will learn the most powerful player types, and the best strategy for each game.

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Keyboard and Mouse Setups

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