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Team Death Match has a multitude of different strategies that will work, depending on how the opponent plays, and how you play it.

A TDM game with nothing but snipers can work, or a game with nothing but gunners can also work, again, depending on the opponents.

The best approach for any game type is to have an equal balance of Player Missions to start the map. In an 8 man map, 2 gunners, 2 snipers, 2 CQB, 1 counter sniper and 1 rover works best to start off. If the opponent is heavy on snipers, then use an additional sniper and counter sniper. If they are heavy on gunners, add more gunners. If they are heavy on one player type, and you are winning, don't change a thing, the only time to change is if you are scoring less than the opponents.

Some of the dirty tricks to do in a TDM map is to get ahead by a few points, and run for the hills. Or if you have a sniper way off, and it is nearing the end of the map while you are ahead, nobody spawns, and let the sniper pick off a few opponents. Another is to try and overpower them, and pin them in the spawn.

This is also where game permutations come into play. How do you score points. Some games give additional points for headshots and knife kills. If you get 1 point for a score, 2 for headshot and 3 for knife, then it is worth the risk of going for a knifing. If any score is 1 point, take the easy point and aim for body. If there are meds, it is a good practice to aim for the body and use the downed player as med bait. Score #1, wait for med to revive the player, score #2 on the med, and then #3 on the revived player.

The worst strategy for a TDM map is to try and hold ground. Occupying ground is where you get to an area and fight, holding ground is where you get hit trying to get to an area. In TDM, the only thing that counts are scores, you can sit back, let them attack, then ambush them, and still win without ever leaving your spawn area.

Pick a strategy that suits you team, and that will give you the greatest edge over your opponent. It is much like coaching a football team, you have to know your team, and the opponents, to formulate a winning strategy. You can train a football team to be the greatest pass stoppers, but if the opponent always runs the ball, you lose.

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