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Playing single player missions against the computer is a good way to develop weapon skills, and try out new strategies. While a computer opponent will not match playing against other people, it is a good way to develop skills.

If you've ever looked over someone's shoulder while they play, you can tell people who play only against a computer, versus those that play online. The single player people will know where each opponent is, and will move without a care to a certain spot, then move carefully, shoot the AI, and move on. The multiplayer people will move as if there could be an opponent at any corner, which is the case. You don't want to play single player so much that you develop the habit of only checking certain spots.

The best way to use single player is if there are cheat codes for certain things. Unlimited ammo is the best single player code to use. This will allow you to launch hundreds of RPGs and nades, and become extremely accurate with them. NEVER cheat in multiplayer, but single player is for learning about your weapons. A favorite way to do it would be to only use one weapon with unlimited ammo. Throwing hand grenades to take out 100 AI players develops your accuracy and skills.

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