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Weapons Training
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Weapons training can be done with any type of server, single player, solo player, or group. The idea is to approach it with a goal in mind, to practice until you reach that goal, and then go back and practice to keep your profecciency up.

Training and practice are the difference between success and failure.

The easiest way to get quickly familiar with a weapon is to go into a solo server and set up a range. If the bullets leave marks on a wall, then you have a target range. Use tracers to study the flight paths, and aim for a specific target. Don't aim for a window, aim for a specific corner of a window. See if you can keep hitting that corner when you are running, jumping or prone. Practice juking manuevers and keep a bead on your spot. If you can learn to hit a single spot without pressure, it becomes much easier to do under pressure. If you are going to snipe, then go to a spot, and just start plinking at different ranges. Make sure to be able to use a sniper rifle at extremely close ranges, less than 50 yards, and out to extreme ranges, over 1,000 yards. This will allow you to learn to aim at counter snipers coming up fast, and at snipers far away. Use your pistol at ranges of 100 yards and less, and aim for a specific target. If you can hit a target at 100 yards with practice, then you gain an edge during a game. If you spend time learning how to shoot without worrying about getting shot, it becomes much easier to get good. You don't die quite as quickly.

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