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Whenever you get a new map to play on, there a few basic things you need to do to learn the map.

Spend a little time on checking out the map, learning the spawns and figuring out a basic strategy for the map.

You can do most of the checking of a new map with only 2 people. If you add 2-4 more people it can go quicker, but too big of a group and it gets chaotic. The first thing is to see where all of the spawn points are. One player stands up, gets shot, presses space bar. You do this repeatedly until you see where all of the possible spawn points are. Sometimes the spawn points are weighted, you spawn in this spot 5 times, then once you spawn way over there. You need to see the patterns of spawning to determine how the game will flow. Once you see the pattern for one spawn, repeat for the other team's spawn. If the 2 players are both snipers, you can add the element of sniper training to it too.

Once you see how both spawns are set, then it's time to look at the routes to travel between the spawns. You need to see what routes are safest to travel, and how close you can get to an area before you have to worry about the opponent. This is especially important for the starting of a game. If you know you can run with a knife for 75 yards before you can come under fire, and everyone knows where the critical point is, then a team can rush to a forward area and establish a stronghold at the start of the game. Sometimes that initial start will determine the flow of the entire game.

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